DD-CSS Data-driven Computational Social Science

DD-CSS is an effort to build new computational tools to help collect and analyze social media data. With the advance of computational technologies, new paradigms in the social sciences have emerged. Also, more recently, popularity of social media platforms opened new windows for researchers to study human social life, groups, organizations and societies. Read more...

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Distinctive feature of DD-CSS is that it is built scientific purposes in mind, not marketing. Well-respected published algorithms are to be implemented and shared. DD-CSS is of the community, by the community, and for the community.


Helping social scientists and other interested parties collect social data for successful observation is our existential cause. We are well aware of how critical and crucial this process is as every theory is based on observations.


Collected data need to be carefully measured and analyzed for theory formation and testing. We develop tools for sensitive measurement and in-depth analysis. DD-CSS is not yet another media analytics store, it is a laboratory.